Is it safe to travel in Egypt? A thorough safety guide to travel in 2023

It’s easy to understand why so many people consider a trip to Egypt to be one of their travel goals. Year after year, millions of tourists are astonished by the magnificent pyramids. The breathtaking Sahara dunes, the fantastic structures of Abu Simbel, the famous artwork of Nefertari’s tomb, the peaceful serenity of the Nile—Egypt offers a plethora of splendours that lure visitors from all over the world.

However, due to recent events, the size of those touring crowds has shrunk from its peak in the 2000s. As we have entered the new decade, it is reasonable to consider the question, “How safe is it to visit Egypt?”

This post has some assurances to offer all the clients who wish to avail themselves of one of the best Egypt tour packages.

The fact is that Egypt is not entirely safe, but it is still a nation that can be safely visited since there is still a significant portion of the country that welcomes tourists with open arms. Egypt is a highly safe place to see if you stick to specific sites, engage with a trustworthy local tour operator, and are a wise traveller.

The only no-go areas in the nation are those included in travel warnings, which are to avert the Sinai Peninsula (Sharm El Sheikh is safe) and to shun the western desert in general. If you must, make sure to do so with an (armed) escort in both cases.

We understand that the above seems a little hazy, but here’s the deal. Tourism is a priority for both the government and the people. Indeed, people still have disagreements with their leadership, and corruption abounds, but everyone believes that dramatic action like 2011 is in no one’s best interests. Now is the moment for the nation to rebuild and ensure that everyone has a successful future.

What can you anticipate from your trip to Egypt now?

  • Everywhere you go; there will be an overabundance of security. You can’t tell how much of it is for display, but with the roadside checkpoints, cops stationed all around, the registration of the itinerary being shared with the police, and x-ray scanners. You may take it either way, but the overall impression is that the government does not want any more tragedies involving visitors and is doing everything possible to reduce such dangers.
  • When you’re aboard the Dahabiya Nile cruise, you’ll feel protected entirely, which is why you’ll think it’s the most satisfying experience you’ll have in Egypt.
  • Tour operators do an excellent job of making you feel comfortable while also demonstrating why Egypt is safe. Yes, you will be supervised by a local guide, but the notion of Egypt as a “conflict zone” is far from accurate.
  • You may wonder the streets of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan at night, through smaller and larger streets, and it will seem normal, except the “Jackie Chan” catcalls and glances.
  • You may spend most of your time outside of Cairo. You’re entirely isolated from any apparent turmoil until you’re out in smaller cities like Aswan and Luxor, tiny villages, towns, and on the Nile. These are ordinary individuals attempting to make an honest living and get by. Most locals would tell you that they were unaware of the revolution since they were far removed from the concerns.
  • The country requires tourism, and they are just now beginning to understand this. It’s a win-win situation: we want to visit Egypt, and it’s in Egypt’s best interests to keep things secure for visitors.
  • Egyptians are incredibly kind and will go out of their way to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. They are proud of their nation and want visitors to see how lovely it is.

Why is now one of the greatest times to visit Egypt?

  • With so much focus on safety and Egypt’s need to improve its image, security is at an all-time high, which may deter additional assaults.
  • Companies are anxious for your business. Therefore prices are meagre.

What you can do to avoid being scammed or irritated

Here are a handful of quick suggestions to ensure you don’t run into any problems with the above:

Have a local guide with you at all times – It is essential that you have a local guide with you at all times since 1) scammers will keep away, 2) your guide can tell people off (or pay them off) if they are attempting something on you, and 3) you will be warned about all the scams to expect.

Refuse any offers: There are some good Samaritans in Egypt, but in tourist areas, anyone offering to take your photo, show you something or do anything to help you will expect a gratuity. Learn how to say “la shukran” or “no.” You can also choose to ignore them and walk away.

Let us return to the initial question: “Is Egypt safe for travel?” What are our thoughts? Yes, that is, but if it were us, we would only do it one way:

  • Work with a local tour business.
  • Go with a group (family, significant other, or friends) by getting in touch with a trusted Egypt tour operator like Amazing Global Travel
  • Arrange a private trip.
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